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Image by Jason Blackeye


Hello there! I am so happy you found my little corner of the internet! I am a teen living on a ranch in the Pacific Northwest with my amazing family and our many animals. I am a proud Catholic, book guardian, want to be writer, seeker of truth, and adventurer in both the physical and literary sense. I am a lover of the little things, big things, life, and laughter pure and strong. Oh, and I grew up on stories.

Perhaps quite literally, we have more books in our house than we know what to do with, but that's beside the point. Many of my fondest memories are of sitting by the fire while Dad read to my siblings and I stories from our world and stories from worlds far away. Jack London, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien filled my imagination to the brim, and I wanted nothing more than to explore Narnia with the Pevensies 


and face down dragons with Bilbo and company. As I entered middle-school my love for stories only grew stronger as Beowulf, mythologies of all sorts, The Green Ember, and The Wingfeather Saga were added to the mix. My heart longed for the wild and wonderful stories that made me believe more passionately in the beauty of this world and the one beyond. Stories raw with valor and bravery, hope and adventure. 

Then I reached the teen years. Full heartedly I dove into the vast opportunities offered to young adults, eager to bask in the glory of new adventures… I quickly learned that not all books are created equal. Even with my ever-wise Mother cutting out the truly horrendous bunch I was disappointed. Most modern fiction lacked not just swoon worthy prose, but most importantly, morals. Oftentimes the “heroes” were no better than the villains and even the characters who were somewhat moral promoted vulgar behavior as irreproachable normalcy. I felt as though I had to constantly choose between adventure and quality of writing. 

I was disheartened but continued a relentless hunt for true stories, not the watered-down version popular among most teens. Even in Christian circles many books were either too preachy and wore rose shaded lenses or were just as terrible as the secular ones. I turned to book reviewers for help but was disappointed that only the popular tomes were reviewed, much less from a Christian or Catholic standpoint. Eventually, through trial and error, I learned to separate the good, the tepid, and the bad. It's never easy and the lines are often blurred but I want to do a part, even if it's small, to help people like me find truly beautiful stories that sing of something beyond ourselves.

I have learned that not all books are true stories. I have learned that no story is perfect, except for the one written by the Creator. But I have also learned that the ones that are steadfast, the ones with a life that throws back its head and laughs in the face of death, the ones with an undying light in even the deepest darkness, are worth far more than gold.

I hope you will join me on this adventure of mine, as an impassioned explorer of words, beauty, and truth… and may we always seek the Light.

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