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Reads: Then, Now, Next.

Hello fair ones! During the summer I have been reading a lot and obviously have not been able to write a review for every book. Reviews take a surprising amount of time and effort. So, to give you all an idea as to what books I have been interested in, I will catch you up on what I last read, what I am reading now, and what I will be reading next. Let's go!


Superman isn't coming. No mythical hero will blast in and save the day. But heroes walk among us every day. Ordinary people with extraordinary virtue. Admiral McRaven leads us through stories of people who were heroes not because of some superpower but because of how they lived. If you have ever wanted a clear code on what it means to be a hero, this book is everything you need.


A magical bodyguard who needs to find a way to break the curse on the young King while they travel into enemy territory? Sign me up! So, this was definitely a cover buy because I mean, it's gorgeous, but I am loving it! It's hard to find authors who can weave in Christian themes without coming off as pushy, but Black has nailed it. Also, the magic system, plot, and worldbuilding are enthralling. I am over halfway through and can't wait to finish it!


I can't actually say what I will read next because my reading mood can change but I am pretty eager to start this book. The first book in this trilogy was a gender-swap retelling of the Princess Bride which was quite fascinating to read. As it ended with several shocking plot twists, book two, The Queen Will Betray You, is now calling to me so that I may quench my longing for the truth. In other words, I can't wait to find out what happens next. ;)


I will have an in-depth book review on my favorite summer read this year to you all next week. Shoutout to Lily from the Books by Starlight blog for giving me the extra boost of motivation to actually post this! Until I see you all next Tuesday, keep reading great stories my friends!

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08 sept 2022

Love Admiral McRaven! Our family listened to his commencement speech "Make your Bed" and it was sooo good! Looking forward to reading Hero Code with the fam. We need more voices like his in the world. Good luck with your "now" and "nexts"!

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